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中文字字幕无马_在线高清中文字幕电影久本草_日本久本草精品December 18, 2019

Highlights from 2019 in video

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中文字字幕无马_在线高清中文字幕电影久本草_日本久本草精品As 2019 draws to a close, we present highlights from video stories produced by the UW News team — selections from architecture to zoology, and everything in between.

These stories have taken us to the Methow Valley and the Tri-Cities as well as closer to home, in South Seattle, Husky Stadium and UW residence halls, in pursuit of capturing the energy and culture of the university. You can see more of our video stories here.

Our mission in UW News is to inform the world about new research and innovative ideas coming out of the University of Washington. In addition to publishing news releases and connecting reporters with faculty experts中文字字幕无马_在线高清中文字幕电影久本草_日本久本草精品, we offer video stories, soundbites and b-roll to external news outlets to use in broadcasts, online stories and social media.

Videos produced in 2019 by UW News garnered more than half a million views on social media. At least a dozen stories — both in regional and national media — featured UW News-produced video, including , , , , , and .

Thanks to all of the people who collaborated in making these videos, contributing their knowledge and voices to educate and inform our community about the amazing work happening at the University of Washington.

For more information, contact:
Kiyomi Taguchi, UW News video producer: ktaguchi@uw.edu中文字字幕无马_在线高清中文字幕电影久本草_日本久本草精品 or 206-685-2716